Better Together 2030

What is Better Together 2030?
Project Better Together (PBT) was the region’s leadership response to COVID-19. PBT proved that regional cooperation is possible and necessary to achieving success. Better Together 2030 builds on that momentum and broadens it toward the future: What’s our shared vision for success?


Better Together 2030 Project objectives:

  1. Develop a clear, data-driven perspective of the region’s future. This will include demographic, economic, technology, political, and environmental trends that will affect how our residents live, work, and learn.
  2. Include the voices of immigrants, BIPOC, children, and others whose voices are often missing at the decision-making table
  3. Define clear priorities for the region’s future that are:
    1. Clear – Residents and regional leaders will understand the vision and their role in it
    2. Shared – No single entity will “own” this plan. The success of the region’s future will be shared by a cross section of partners and individuals, and everyone will have an opportunity to play a role
    3. Ambitious – Better Together 2030 should inspire a sense of what’s possible and positively impact all residents.


Get Involved

We are entering the next phase of our community visioning initiative and we need the community’s input. Please complete the All Our Ideas: Brainstorming Game to help us identify the strategies that will impact our community the most.
This is a dynamic, living document – new ideas will continue to be added and there is no official end to the game. We encourage you to participate as many times as you would like. Don’t see something you think our community needs? Please add your ideas!
Once you have participated in the brainstorming game at least one time, please consider filling out this form to be entered to win Iowa City Downtown District and Shop JoCo gift cards.

 It is crucial that we hear from as many voices as we can during this phase; we encourage you to share this survey with your networks as well.

 The Brainstorming Game will close on March 12 – Feel free to take it as many times as you would like, for as long as you would like. There is no official end.

Better Together 2030

Steering Committee

Barbara Wilson, UI Office of the President, Co-Chair
Angie Jordan, South District Neighborhood Association, Co-Chair
David Barker, UI Board of Regents
Zach Wahls, Iowa State Senate
Rod Sullivan, Johnson County Board of Supervisors
Royceann Porter, Johnson County Board of Supervisors
Lynette Jacoby, Johnson County Human Services
Bruce Teague, Iowa City City Council
Mohamed Traore, IC Truth and Reconciliation Commission
Mitch Gross, Coralville City Council + ICCSD
RaQuishia Harrington, North Liberty City Council
Trisha Smith/Patti Fields, United Way
Shelly Maharry, Community Foundation of Johnson County
Andre Perry, University of Iowa
Cady Gerlach, Shelter House
Mark Nolte, GreenState Credit Union
Ying Sa, Community CPA
Suresh Gunasekaran, UIHC
Marlen Mendoza, LULAC / COMMUN
V Fixmer-Oraiz, Astig Planning
Juliet Bwalya, IC Compassion
Dave Schwindt, Iowa City Police
Lori Sundberg, Kirkwood Community College
Miguel Cohen Suarez, Iowa City High School Student
Krisha Kapoor, Iowa City High School Student
Kelly Hayworth, City of Coralville
Geoff Fruin, City of Iowa City
Ryan Heiar, City of North Liberty
Matt Degner, ICCSD

Core planning team:
Josh Schamberger, Think Iowa City
Kate Moreland, IC Area Development Group
Kim Casko, IC Area Business Partnership
Nancy Bird, IC Downtown District
Monica Nieves, Think Iowa City
Peter Matthes, University of Iowa
Rebecca Ryan, Next Generation Consulting
David Brown, Next Generation Consulting

Better Together 2030 Community Supporters

Join the Team

Do you have an idea that can improve how we do things as a community? Are you willing to pitch in and make that idea come to life? If so, we want you on our team! Fill out your name, email, and let us know how you’d like to get involved. We’ll be in touch soon.

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