Video Series on COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

Jun 30, 2020 | All News & Events

The Congolese Health Partnership, in collaboration with the Prevention Research Center at the University of Iowa, has put together a video series on COVID-19 frequently asked questions based on what we have been hearing in our refugee and immigrant communities. These videos are available in English, Spanish, French, and Swahili (Arabic and Lingala are on the way).

Here is the list of videos and the questions answered in each video.

Video 1: COVID-19 Symptoms and Prevention

  1. What is the new list of symptoms for COVID-19?
  2. When do I know when I should go to the hospital for COVID-19 symptoms?
  3. How do I know if I am exposed?
  4. What should I do if I have been near someone who was sick with a disease that might have been COVID-19, but I am not sick?
  5. How are children tolerating COVID-19?
  6. How can I reduce my chance of getting sick when I go to the grocery store?
  7. Should I wear a mask in public?
  8. Should I wear gloves?

Video 2: COVID-19 Testing

  1. Who gets tested for COVID-19?
  2. If I have a diagnosis of COVID-19, why am I being sent home or not being asked to come into the hospital?
  3. Many people are afraid of public shaming once people know they have COVID-19, what is being done to protect patient’s identity?
  4. Are the tests given to employees at Tyson and other meat packing plants the real test?

Video 3: Seeking Care, Caring for the Sick, and Resources for Those Who are Sick

  1. Should I be afraid to go to the hospital?
  2. If I go to the hospital, will the doctors try to enroll me in a vaccine trial?
  3. How do I take care of myself or someone in my household who has COVID-19?
  4. If a parent tests positive for COVID-19 can they continue to care for their children in their home?
  5. I cannot afford to lose even a day of work. Where can I find help if I become sick with COVID-19?
  6. When can I go back to work?

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